South Carolina- National Flood Insurance Program Made Simple

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This online CE course discusses flooding and the disastrous damage it can cause. It explores and describes the key elements of floods, flooding, and insuring against them through flood Insurance, in general, and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in specific.

large portion of this online CE course examines flooding in general – including specific cases of flooding and the damage caused. It is important for property insurance agents to be able to convey to homeowners that everyone is at risk for flood damage. Therefore, we make a significant effort to inform agents on flood misconceptions, how floods can happen anywhere, causes of flooding, and why homeowners cannot rely on disaster relief from the federal government.

In addition, flooding is the nation's #1 natural disaster. In just the past 10 years, annual flood losses in the United States averaged $11.0 billion per year. Currently nearly 5 million policyholders are protected with flood insurance policies; however many more homeowners remain at risk.

Flood damage, due to its catastrophic nature, is excluded in homeowners’ insurance policies. Many homeowners mistakenly believe they are covered for flood losses, when in fact they must purchase flood insurance through FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in order to have such coverage.

NFIP policies are sold by property insurance agents which means a producer must be up to date on the National Flood Insurance Program, its coverage, conditions and more. This is the purpose of the online continuing education course, NFIP – Basic Flood Insurance Course.

This concise study of floods and flood insurance provides students with interesting, informative, and applicable facts, figures, and real life examples of what Mother Nature dishes out. It also points out what people can and should do to deal and cope with the devastating consequences of floods. This CE course satisfies the state CE requirement for Floods-NFIP.




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